Dreamtreats NC99
Fun Emoticon Cake..
Dreamtreats CC102
Butter Iced Cake garnished with Chocolate Candies..
Dreamtreats CC106
Lots of love from Minnie Mouse..
Dreamtreats CC107
Pick any 4 princesses of your choice for this princess-themed cake...
Dreamtreats CC110
Let's get dancing. Disco Diva cake...
Dreamtreats CC115
2 -tired Frozen themed cake..
Dreamtreats CC116
A 2-tier garden cake. A standard 8 inch on 12 inch base...
Dreamtreats CC140
A fondant iced Sophia the First castle cake. (Please note: Images may vary)..
Dreamtreats CC142
A butter iced Annie cake. (Please note: Images may vary.)..
Dreamtreats CC145
A fondant iced cake dazzled with butterflies and flowers...
Dreamtreats CC146
A butter iced descendants cake. (Please note: Images may vary)..
Dreamtreats CC147
A Sofia the First fondant iced cake (Please note: Images may very)..
Dreamtreats CC148
A butter iced cake with piping designs. (Please note: Images may vary)..
Dreamtreats CC149
A Snow White butter iced cake (Please note: Images may very)..
Dreamtreats CC201
4 Princesses Cake(pick any 4 princess of your choice for this cake)..
Dreamtreats CC202
Magenta Handbag fondant  Cake..
Dreamtreats CC203
Pink Princess Cake..
Dreamtreats CC204
Ariel themed fondant cake ..
Dreamtreats CC205
2-tier Dora Cake..
Dreamtreats CC206
Fondant iced Princess Cake on Butter iced base(includes up to 6 cupcakes)..
Dreamtreats CC207
3-tier Handbag Cake..
Dreamtreats CC208
Princess Cake..
Dreamtreats CC209
Disney Descendant Fondant Iced Cake..
Dreamtreats CC210
Butter Iced teddy bear picnic cake..
Dreamtreats CC211
Fondant Iced Rapunzel Cake..
Dreamtreats CC212
Butter Iced Unicorn Cake..
Dreamtreats CC213
Fondant Iced Tinkerbell Cake..
Dreamtreats CC214
2-tier Fairy Princess Cake..
Dreamtreats CC215
Fronzen castle cake..
Dreamtreats CC216
Castle cake with princesses..
Dreamtreats CC217
Pink fondant iced cake..
Dreamtreats CC501
Ballerina Cake..
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