Dreamtreats AB66
My picture cakeCake size is 8" on 11" Please note that it is IMPORTANT to send us a very good q..
Dreamtreats AA14
Multi coloured stars make this cake an attractive option for a first birthday cake..
Dreamtreats CC108
Every child loves lego. Size is equivalent to a 10 inch cake...
Dreamtreats CC110
Let's get dancing. Disco Diva cake...
Dreamtreats CC115
2 -tired Frozen themed cake..
Dreamtreats CC117
A carnival-themed cake...
Dreamtreats CC127
Winnie the Pooh Butter Iced Cake ..
Dreamtreats CC134
Butter iced Buzzbee cake...
Dreamtreats CC138
A colourful butter iced cake with chocolate candy. ..
Dreamtreats CC143
AHOY!!! A pirate-themed butter iced cake(Please note: Images may vary)..
Dreamtreats CC152
A butter iced Avengers cake...
Dreamtreats CC153
Keep soaring wishes for a go-getter. Fondant iced cake with an airplane modeled on top...
Dreamtreats CC209
Disney Descendant Fondant Iced Cake..
Dreamtreats CC210
Butter Iced teddy bear picnic cake..
Dreamtreats CC212
Butter Iced Frozen Cake..
Dreamtreats CC215
Fronzen castle cake..
Dreamtreats CC218
Seeame street Big bird cake..
Dreamtreats CC301
Angry Birds Cake..
Dreamtreats CC310
Power Rangers Cake..
Dreamtreats CC311
Happy jungle animals makes this cake a children's delight..
Dreamtreats CC312
Happy animals make this jungle themed cake a kiddies delight..
Dreamtreats CC313
Winnie the Pooh themed 2-tier cake..
Dreamtreats CC314
Winnie the Pooh and friends themed cake..
Dreamtreats CC316
Winnie the Pooh Themed cake..
Dreamtreats CC317
Sponge Bob Fondant iced Cake7", 8" and 12" Cake..
Dreamtreats CC319
Bob the builder Butter Iced Cake ' Yes We Can'..
Dreamtreats CC321
Fondant iced shoe cake..
Dreamtreats CC324
Dino squad butter iced cake..
Dreamtreats CC325
Thomas the tank engine cake..
Dreamtreats CC328
Superman Cake..
Dreamtreats CC401
2 Tier Mickey Mouse Cake..
Dreamtreats CC402
Minnie mouse giant cupcake..
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