Dreamtreats CH105
Fondant iced cake with a cascade of Oreo cookies. ..
Dreamtreats CC102
Butter Iced Cake garnished with Chocolate Candies..
Dreamtreats CC109
Chocolate and candy OVERLOAD!!!..
Dreamtreats CC518
Skittles and Minion Cake..
Dreamtreats CH101
All-things-chocolate cake complete with Skittles, M & M, Kitkat and Malteasers. Ideal for the ch..
Dreamtreats CH102
Chocolate cake for the football lover..
Dreamtreats CH103
Chocolate cake and cupcakes covered with chocolate icing topped with chocolate shavings and cherries..
Dreamtreats CH104
A light sponge cake layered with whipped cream and fresh fruits, topped with chocolate shavings and ..
Dreamtreats CH106
Uniced chocolate cake wrapped with ribbon and a single red rose attached... Because sometimes, less ..
Dreamtreats CH107
Chocolate butter iced cake ..
Dreamtreats CH108
A chocolate butter iced square cake topped with chocolate shavings and cherries..
Dreamtreats CH109
Chocolate candies and haribos makes this cake a children's delight. (Please note: Images may vary)..
Dreamtreats CH110
Butter Iced cake garnished with chocolate candies..
Dreamtreats CH111
OREOS OVERLOAD!! Chocolate cake covered with whipped cream mixed with crushed Oreos and topped with ..
Dreamtreats CH113
Chocolate butter iced cake with chocolate shavings and cherries..
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