Dreamtreats NC99
Fun Emoticon Cake..
Dreamtreats AA25
Deadpool cake..
Dreamtreats AA57
Gele cake adorned with matching beads. Gele is a traditional African gear..
Dreamtreats AB09
Who's the BOSS? Office table themed cake..
Dreamtreats AB10
Teatime Cake..
Dreamtreats AB58
For the camera lover..... click away..
Dreamtreats AB90
Movie themed cake. May we have some pop corn please?..
Dreamtreats BA104
Clark kent giant cupcake..
Dreamtreats CC152
Spot the planets on this space themed cake..
Dreamtreats CC153
Keep soaring wishes for a go-getter. Fondant iced cake with an airplane modeled on top...
Dreamtreats NC101
Spa themed cake. Please note that this is a 3-layer extended cake...
Dreamtreats NC102
Wonder woman themed cake...
Dreamtreats NC103
Happy Sun cake..
Dreamtreats NC104
Makeup and bag set ..
Dreamtreats NC105
1st Holy Communionn themed cake..
Dreamtreats NC106
Multiple themed cake..
Dreamtreats NC107
Sofa cake..
Dreamtreats NC108
Magazine themed cake (Images vary)..
Dreamtreats NC109
DSTV decoder cake..
Dreamtreats NC110
Perfume cake ..
Dreamtreats NC111
Calculator cake ..
Dreamtreats NC112
Sun cake ..
Dreamtreats NC113
Handbag full of dollars..
Dreamtreats NC114
Coach handbag cake..
Dreamtreats NC116
Rainbow Loom Band Cake..
Dreamtreats NC118
 Beach Themed Cake..
Dreamtreats NC119
Laptop,IPad and IPod cake..
Dreamtreats NC120
Porsche cake..
Dreamtreats NC122
Dreamtreats NC123
Louis Vuttion handbag cake ..
Dreamtreats NC124
Pot and vegetables cake..
Dreamtreats NC125
Kinox pot cake..
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