At Cakes@aClick by Dreamtreats, we acknowledge that your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life. In order to help make it a truly special day,  we prefer to work individually with each bride and groom to create a custom wedding cake that is personalized and unique. You can make a call, send a mail to or schedule an appointment using our cake consultation form.

Dreamtreats W143
Delightful royal blue and yellow wedding cake (available in other colours)..
Dreamtreats WC100
Moana for the adventurous soul..
Dreamtreats W130
White and gold themed wedding cake..
Dreamtreats W139
Music themed wedding cake..
Dreamtreats W140
Ombre ruffles wedding cake beautifully adorned with butterflies..
Dreamtreats W141
Elegant gold and white Eiffel Tower themed cake..
Dreamtreats W142
Petals and roses serenade this absolutely elegant cake..
Dreamtreats W144
Bridal and groom silhouette themed cake..
Dreamtreats W145
Front view of our Delightful Rose Cascade Cake..
Dreamtreats W147
Gold Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W148
Red rose adorned 4-tier cake..
Dreamtreats W150
Magenta and Gold 4 tier Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W151
Peacock Feathers Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W153
Yellow Ombre 4 tier Wedding Cake with butterfly detail ..
Dreamtreats W154
Two hearts that beat as one..
Dreamtreats W155
5 tier White and Black Damask Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W156
Gorgeous Blue Ombre Cake..
Dreamtreats W157
A good love story always ends with 'I DO'..
Dreamtreats W158
Asian Style Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W159
Dainty Lace Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W160
Yellow Petals Ombre Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W162
Champagne Rose Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W163
Love Birds Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W164
Roses and Lace Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W165
Purple and Silver Wedding cake..
Dreamtreats W166
Silver Diamante Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W167
Giant Rose Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W169
Floral Cascade Wedding Cake..
Dreamtreats W170
Champagne Lace wedding cake ..
Dreamtreats W171
Delightful Rose Cascade Cake..
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