Combo of Cookies and Uniced Cake
A box of cookies and an Uniced 8" in any flavour of your choice(Kindly specify either Assorted or Va..
Dreamtreats DT445
Fudge styled Brownies with a moist and dense texture.a holiday delight!  Sold in lovely individ..
Vanilla Sponge Cake
This is a light textured fluffy cake for those who like to keep it simple...
Marble Cake
A moist, yummy, two toned sponge cake that has a marbled effect when it is sliced. It could either b..
Chocolate Mud Cake
This is dark, moist, indulgent chocolate cake. We usually top it with chocolate shavings...
Coconut Cake
Rich cake with the flavor and taste of coconut. Topped with desiccated coconut and cherries, it is a..
Red Velvet
A mild chocolate flavored cake with a moist and tender crumb...
Carrot Cake
This is a crunchy cake that includes carrots, raisins and nuts...
Fruit Cake
This is a very rich, moist cake filled with mixed fruits, nuts and rum all fused together to give an..
Banana Cake
A wonderfully soft and moist, with a delicate sweetness of mashed bananas...
Sprinkled Fruit Cake
Otherwise known as the English Cake, this is a vanilla flavoured cake with fruits and cherries...
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