Life’s worth celebrating – with cakes to suit your every mood!

  • Indulgent -Blow off the stress and let your hair down with the Chocolate Mud Cake served with your favourite ice-cream flavour or discover the Forest Cakes. For the more matured taste buds, lets go all fruity with the Fruit Cake well laced with brandy.
  • Romantic-Love and Chocolates are inseperable! The Double Chocolate Cake says it best. Rich, Moist chocolate cake with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate shavings and cherries. Yes, I’m in love!!
  • Excited -Wao! I feel good and can only get better with the Banana Cake.
  • Cheerful-Crunchy Carrot Cake expresses your cheerful mood perfectly or as an alternative, enjoy the brighter life with the Red Velvet Cake with white chocolate frosting
  • Sad -Sometimes, its got to be all about me and nothing reminds us better of our young, carefree days than Cupcakes.
  • Moody -All cakes. Nothing cheers you up better than a nicely decorated cake with ‘Life is worth celebrating ‘ written on it. Afterall, no matter how long it takes, the sun will shine again!
  • Happy - I feel good. Tuck into a Chocolate Marble, Strawberry Marble or Coconut Cake with a chilled drink while watching your favourite movie or better still, cartoon.
  • Merry -The English Cake is just perfect, served as brunch with tea or just something to nibble on as the day goes by.
  • Depressed -Decadent but uplifting. Nothing does it better than the Chocolate Mud Cake served with whipped cream or Chocolate Butter Icing.
**A good cake should be fluffy, moist, sweet (but not sugary) and appealing to the eyes